Tanzania Safari FAQ

Tanzania Safari FAQ

Tanzania Safari FAQ

What is the best time to visit Tanzania?

We can say that you can have an incredible Tanzania Safari at any time of year – genuinely! Many clients book with us during the “long rains” of April and May, and the “short rains” of November. We make sure to obtain their experience the best one even in the rainy seasons. The short rainy seasons are a good time for planning a Tanzania Safari for the bird watchers. During the rainy time, it is possible to spot the migrated birds. However, dry seasons are the most appropriate time of the year to plan a Tanzania Safari Tour.

When’s the best time for wildlife locating in Tanzania?

Plan your tour in between June to October and experience the national parks untamed wildlife without any hassle. While Northern circuit parks are great year-round but the western and southern circuit parks are hard accessible during wet months. Also, June & July are considered great for spotting the large herds of great migration in Serengeti.

When is the Great Wildebeest Migration?

The Great Migration, in Tanzania and Kenya, would one say that it is one of nature’s most stunning events. Confused about where to witness this aggressive journey of millions of animals? Well, Serengeti’s never-ending fields and Masai Mara region of Kenya are two places where this stunning show starts and ends. There are 1.5 million wildebeest joined by 200,000 zebra and gazelle join in a march. The march continues from Serengeti’s plain during the end of the rainy season. The journey continues in search of food and water. This phenomenal journey of searching green grass offers a great opportunity of learning ecosystem of Serengeti.

Where is the best spot in Tanzania for birding?

There are various spots to meet the colourful feathers of Tanzania. The country holds 1,100 bird species out of which few are endemic and some are near to endemic. Tanzania has 16 national parks and sealed with many mountainous places. It stands out as one of the best places of Africa for bird watching. You can spot some decent amount of birds in, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti National Park.

What would I be able to expect on a safari day?

This is your safari trip, your experience! You pick how you have to put your energy in this outing. Day safaris include a whole day in safari, where you will spend the whole day in 4x4 safari vehicles in the national parks of the country. You will enjoy nice packed delicious lunch at the picnic sites of the national parks. Your guide will have a ton of proposition, clearly, the decision is yours.

Who will be with us on Safari?

A wildlife guide, who is moreover your private driver, will go with you. If you pick a Camping Safari, a cook will travel with you, who will set up most of your delectable meals during your safari trips.

Will there be wildlife wandering at the camps and lodges?

Watching a zebra or giraffe grazing near your campsite or an antelope hiding in the bushes near your mobile camp isn’t anything surprising. While travelling with your kids, be careful near the campsite too. Most of the campsites are inside the national parks, though it’s mostly animal-free area you can expect some of the grazers near your accommodation.

Are drinks given in the safari vehicle?

Yes, Completely. We give unlimited refreshments in our safari vehicle including packaged drinking water, your favoured soda pops, juice, household brew, French-press coffee and tea. All our safari vehicles are outfitted with a little cooler to keep your beverages chilled for you to appreciate amid your safari.

I’m going with kids – is a safari an appropriate holiday?

Yes, it is. In fact, we encourage the parents who are looking for a good place for planning a family vacation to bring their kids in safari. There can’t be a better place for your kids to be on a vacation. Being close to nature and wildlife they can learn a lot more than reading about them in text-books. Safari vacation is safe for the children completely. We can choose child-friendly accommodations. This could mean anything from having an extraordinary pool, to gigantic rooms resting up to 4 people. We can also arrange some great activities for your children to enjoy at the lodges.

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