Preparing for Tanzania Safari

Preparing for Tanzania Safari

Preparing for Tanzania Safari

When you are heading out toward a Tanzania Safari, it is ideal to prepare and have the essential things in your bag packs or luggage. So, you can travel without worry;

Clothes and Shoes

When packing for Tanzania Safari, pack loose layers and clothes that will shield you from the daylight heat. Remember to include full Sleeved tops and pants. They do not only shield you from the sun but rather are also prevent from mosquito biting. Remember to pack shorts as the temperature would take off amid the daytime. Also, pick some of the ideal and comfortable clothes and shoes for your Safari venture.


To capture your stunning journey in to keep your memories fresh don’t forget to pack a camera. The country offers breath-taking views in each step you take into the national parks of the country. There are 16 national parks and wildlife reserves inside the country that are worth clicking in camera.


Binoculars are exceptionally convenient and easy way to detect the predators or birds on your Safari. Binoculars help to recognize some highlights of the natural life which can’t be seen clearly as you maintain a safe distance from the wildlife.

Sunscreen Lotion

With the sun extremely solid in the day, it is basic to pack a sunscreen lotion with high SPF. It is definitely worth packing as it fights sunburn.

Basic First Aid Kit

Despite the fact that first aid kit is accessible with Tanzania Tour Operators and at each campground, still it is ideal to convey a basic first aid kit. Add some basic things like; plasters, antiseptic cream, anti-histamine cream, electrolytes and mosquito-repellent creams.

Packing for Tanzania Safari can feel intimidating, so for detail packing list contact Jumbo Tours.

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