Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park


Situated in the south-western corner of Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest National Park is a huge immaculate tropical rainforest with a high, thick shelter. It is 1000sq km of secured, uncommon montane woods of unrivalled biodiversity and is the biggest region of montane timberland left in East and Central Africa. The core of Nyungwe Forest looks like a scene from a tale. Old mahoganies, and other trees tower above you, while orchids and distinctive epiphytes adhere to each branch. Magnificently tinted winged birds move around, butterflies are everywhere, as are many other occupants of the forest, including primates for which Nyungwe National Park is famous.

It is home to in excess of 240 tree species, 140 orchid species, many butterflies and 275 bird species including goliath hornbills, blue turacos and red-breasted sparrowhawks. There are 13 primate species which account for 20% of African primates. The highest concentration of colobus monkeys is found in this forest with up to 400 being sighted. It also has a substantial population of chimpanzees as opposed to the endangered owl monkey and golden monkey.

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Nyungwe Forest National Park

Getting There

The park is around 105 kilometres from the Country's city and Airport (Kigali) and tends to be accessed either by road or air. Via air you can land in Kigali International Airport after

Nyungwe Forest National Park


This park is one of the best places on the continent to view from up close the rare mountain gorilla. In addition to the chance to see the mountain gorillas, visitors can also have a

Nyungwe Forest National Park


It is largely thanks to Dian Fossey that the poaching of gorilla has been greatly reduced; the release of the film ‘Gorillas in the Mist,’ three years after her untimely death brought her

Nyungwe Forest National Park

When To Go

The best time to visit the Volcanoes National Park is during the dry seasons of either June through September or December to February as the climate is very temperate. The bright dry

Nyungwe Forest National Park

What To See (Wildlife)

Without a doubt, the Mountain gorillas are the main attraction of the Volcanoes National Park. However apart from the endangered Gorillas, the park is home to Golden monkeys, spotted hyena,

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Activities / What To Do

At Park you can do lot of activities such as:

  • Mountain gorilla tracking
  • Golden Monkey trekking
  • Volcano climbing
  • Walking Safari
Nyungwe Forest National Park

Weather & Climate

We're often asked 'when is the best time to go to Rwanda?', and the answer is usually complex. It will depend on many things including your interests, where you want to visit and why you're

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Health & Safety

Rwanda follows a universal health care model, which provides health insurance through a system called Mutuelles de Santé. The system is a community-based health insurance scheme, in which

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Travel Tips

The encounter with the gorillas was obviously the most special moment and one of the most memorable travel experiences to date. But Rwanda has so much more to offer. It allows visitors to see

Nyungwe Forest National Park


The unit of currency is the Rwandan franc (RFr). It is divided into 100 centimes. Notes come in RFr100, RFr500, RFr1000, RFr5000 and RFr10,000 denominations. Coins come in RFr10,

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Foods & Guides

Rwandan food is neither spicy nor hot. People eat simple meals made with locally grown ingredients. The Rwandan diet consists mainly of sweet potatoes, beans, corn, peas, millet, plantains,

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