Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park


This is Uganda’s largest national park, at 3840km² the Murchison Falls National Park is at the heart of the Murchison Falls Conservation Area. This impressive area protects a region of untamed African savannah divided by the mighty river Nile. Murchison Falls, is where the world’s longest river explodes through a narrow cleft in the Rift Valley plunging into a frothing pool 43m below, creating a lasting and spectacular impression.

The Murchison Falls Park consists mainly of lush and unrefined grasslands with the highest diversity and density of wildlife to be found on the open plains north of the Nile. This is where travellers can encounter herds of elephant, buffalo, the rare Rothschild’s giraffe, a huge variety of antelope and predators lion, leopard and spotted hyena. The Nile is the home of Africa’s densest hippo and crocodile populations, with a dazzling variety of water birds including the world’s most accessible wild population of the rare shoebill stork.

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Murchison Falls National Park

Getting There

Murchison Falls National Park is some 305 kilometers north of Kampala in the Masindi District and can be accessed by road, using either public or private vehicles like taxis,

Murchison Falls National Park


While all of the Big Five are not found in the park, there are indeed 95 mammal species (including 20 carnivores and 10 primates) to more than 600 species of birds. The list of highlights

Murchison Falls National Park


Lions and leopards are now present mainly in animal preserves and national parks, but they are occasionally seen outside these places. Hippopotamuses and crocodiles inhabit most lakes and rivers,

Murchison Falls National Park

When To Go

Murchison Falls National Park is open throughout the year, however the best time to visit is in the dry seasons of June to September or subsequently from December to February. These periods

Murchison Falls National Park

What To See (Wildlife)

Murchison Falls, is the most environmentally stunning park in Uganda, filled with over 76 distinctive types of mammals and more than 451 species of birds. Other than the experience of chimpanzee

Murchison Falls National Park

Activities / What To Do

At Murchision Falls National Park you can do a lot activities such as:

  • Game Drives
  • Night Game Drives
  • Hiking
  • Nature Walk
Murchison Falls National Park

Weather & Climate

We're often asked 'when is the best time to go to Uganda?', and the answer is usually complex. It will depend on many things including your interests, where you want to visit and why

Murchison Falls National Park

Health & Safety

The biggest challenge for Uganda is inadequate resources. Uganda has five medical colleges and 29 nursing schools training people in Western medicine. Even so, there remains a shortage in

Murchison Falls National Park

Travel Tips

Roads are impassable during the wet season between November and April, however, bird watching is favourable during this time. The tree-climbing lions of QENP are concentrated in the southern

Murchison Falls National Park


The Ugandan Shilling is the currency of Uganda. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Uganda Shilling exchange rate is the USD to UGX rate. The currency code for Shillings is UGX

Murchison Falls National Park

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Uganda is like a treasure chest. The more you dig into this country’s many offerings, the more impressed you become with its many hidden gems. Uganda cuisine is one of these jewels that

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